Self Help Groups (SHG) Mobile App

Android App for SHG members record keeping & generate intelligent reports

SHG mobile data collection speeds up the data collection and analysis process because data can be submitted in real time, becoming available immediately for monitoring and decision making. Initial costs can be higher than paper-based data collection because you may need to procure tablets, smartphones or, in some cases, software licenses. But over the life of a program, as you continue to use the devices, you can often save money by removing recurring costs, such as printing and data transcription.

Features of mobile data collection platforms vary significantly. These features include compatibility, connectivity requirements, data security protocols and processes for data export. Our SHG mobile app uses technoligies for data storing & transporting like JSON which can lead to faster and accurate data, that also reduces the time required to sync data. The app also capture other details such as GPS coordinates and photographs.

  • User Friendly Design: The app is designed keeping in mind low literacy rate within the SHG members The app should be very user friendly and NGO's time and cost of maintenance, support, training has been reduced drastically. and there will be smooth technology handholding.
  • Number of users: The system is designed in such a way that the NGO co-ordinator can use the app for multiple SHG data feeding along with possibility of specific SHG owns mobile/tablet and feeds data themselves to avoids dependency.
  • Security and privacy compliance: Each SHG can be given separate login id and password. The data security standards and procedures are followed as per standard govenment guidelines which are in comply with national guidelines of data safety and security. The device will be always authenticated before use The cloud administrator can debar any specific device and the mobile app instantly becomes inactive which makes no compromise on the safety, security or privacy of data. App always encrypts financial data as they are entered.
  • Integration with other applications: The architecture is based on latest technology and data exchange protocols standards which eases data iteroperability between systems. Thus makes platforms available for data analysis, reporting or even mapping.
  • Offline data collection: Is internet connectivity limited in your program area then ORIOLE SHG mobile app is best suitable for your organization. As the app works in Offline-Online mode. We have algorithms which syncronises offline data of mobile app data on fly without losss of a bit whenever user goes online. The algorithm takes cares and validates of all those transactions between last sync and current data version available on cloud.
  • Instant alerts: With the push notifications timely alerts users always remains updated with the cloud.
  • Authentication and user roles: The app has built in device authentication and login privileges as well as user roles which prevents unauthorided user to access app and unauthorised data
  • Reports & Data analysis: The cloud application presents results displayed in real-time charts and graphs on dashboard for the the respective senior team members and NGO management based on their roles and access rights. The cloud reporting has feature to export analytics / data in to excel sheet for further processing.
  • GIS and mapping: The ORIOLE SHG application was pioneer in presenting GIS based dashboard of the cloud application, the app collects GPS coordinates while data feed for future for mapping & analysis.
  • Multilingual: The SHG mobile app is available on all indian languages for data collection as well as reporting and can be transformed to any other language in no time. Our unique algorithem converts and presents same data in english language on the dashboard / reports for the NGOO management login. Thus avoids duplicacy of data entry and efforts.
  • Photos, audio and video: The app has built in feature to capture photo, audio & video while field data capture which helps in analysis and decision making.
  • Ease of setup and use: The SHG mobile app and cloud application is very user friendly make no time to learn. Also which saves re-traing efforts & cost.
  • Training:The training is provided by ORIOLE to NGO on the ToT (Train the trainer) basis.
  • Support: We have dedicated team of software engineers who quickly responds to the queries for the mobile app or cloud application during ORIOLE office hours.