Self Help Groups (SHG) Accounting & MIS Software

Cloud & Mobile based SHG management solution to capture SHG data & generate intelligent analytics


Self Help Groups (SHG) Accounting & MIS Software

This is multilingual, cloud & mobile based GIS enabled Self Help Groups (SHG) Accounting & MIS Software. The main feature of the solution is that data can be collected using mobile or Tablet PC, making it easy & user-friendly to SHGs while addressing lack of infrastructure. It makes power shortage problems redundant, and gives edge of cost effectiveness via unique feature of ‘online - Offline’. This feature gives functional capacity in remote areas where low or no internet connectivity in the field. ‘Indian language interface’ enables usage of system directly by SHGs in their own language. ‘Accounting’ part helps in record keeping and imparting financial literacy to SHGs at their level where as ‘MIS’ empowers other stake holders in SHG movement such as NGO, Banks, Government & Apex organization like NABARD to have total control over the solution and SHG movement at realtime. The GIS map gives advantage to locate any remote SHG on the GIS map on single click and query to the SHG data quickly.

We as ORIOLE along with our associates are having vast experience of development sector with focus on Microfinance based solution development. The current solution has been used by many Govt.organisations, Banks & NGOs till date. Also RDD, Govt. of Maharashtra.



The power of cloud computing makes the SHG Book Keeping, Accounting & MIS of Micro-finance all stake holders of the system on the same system. The system has built in differnt roles and levels for SHG, SHPI, NGO, Banks, Government institutions with their respective authenticared access.

As the system available on almost all Indian Languages on Tablet/mobile makes User Friendly to SHG members. The literacy level of SHG members needed at very minimum level of read, write, understand very elementary level calculations just for their satisfaction & can use a mobile.

Imparting financial literacy at SHG level, reducing dependency of SHGs on outside support staff or Bankers for financial transactions like report such as P/L statement, Balance sheet, Trading A/c`s etc. Reducing stress of NGO`s, bankers as SHG`s financial reports are automatically generated & that too in banks requisite format with their own login. No need to follow up at various levels.

No need of continuous electricity, internet connectivity due to Offline-Online Mode. cloud based system – All stakeholders on same page as per the information is concerned or government guidelines. No Need to own PC/ Tablet – Community based sharing possible at village, cluster, federation etc. Base level of software & reporting in Local language – as well as in English at cloud level for other stake holders. Provision to connect with Core Banking System (CBS).

The solution is offered as SaaS (Software as a Service) with pay per use model there for no huge investment is neeed during implementation.

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