SaaS Based Mobile & GIS Enabled Enterprise Grade HRMS


Application Philosophy

  • Cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service Model) Mobile & GIS enabled enterprise grade HRM Solution adapts to the organizations business rules and contributes to improve Employee Satisfaction viz-a-viz productivity.
  • This software is licensed to use for a company and based on employees per company
  • Each Company need to be configured once with details of branches, departments, devices…etc.
  • Each branch can have multiple biometric devices
  • Employees can mark attendance from any configured biometric device or mobile device whatever convenient
  • Approval based system
  • Business Intelligence DASHBAORD for quick decision making to individual
  • Friendly User Interface (UI) & Experience (UX)
  • Adapts to the organizations hierarchical reporting structure
  • Compatible with almost all available biometric devices
  • Integrated Mobile Attendance Solution using which employee visualize at real-time on GIS map
  • Understand in-depth the attendance activities on site / off site on single click
  • Future technology compatible
  • All Statutory norms complaint
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