BLS Cloud Application

Cloud Application to store beneficiary data & generate intelligent analytics

Cloud Dashboard

Accurate and Realtime


Cloud Application

Cloud application is totally dynamic and organization/NGO can set Location Details, Program Details, Project Details using secured super administrative previleges.

Super administrator can further add Cloud Users  into the system

Cloud user functions

  • Village & Cluster profile
  • Schools within cluster
  • Add and link Teacher to school
  • Add Tablet User
  • Add Tablet Information and link Tablet to Tablet User. Thus secures transaction data entry via specific user and specific village/location

Cloud user features

  • The records of Area, Location of organization, Districts, Blocks and Villages
  • The Master records of Programs, Projects, Key Activities
  • The Base Level information of family and individual Members
  • Registration of Tablet/Mobile, User and Linking of Tablet/Mobile with the Villages
  • Dashboard to show geographical location of Villages with No of Households in each Village
  • At glance information based on logged in User

Tablet / Mobile App

  • Highly secure i.e. Device authentication with the server and User authentication
  • Data capturing of intervention / services provided to families and individuals in the form of Programs, Projects, Key Activities
  • Quick data sync with web application
  • Tightly integrated web application
  • Reports of families on the tablet / mobile

Reporting Tool

  • Analytical & Graphical Reports at Location, Area, and Head Office levels
  • Monthly Progressive reports at each level
  • Each Program wise and Project wise details beneficiaries reports are generated
  • Survey management, Assessments & feedback