NGO Beneficiary Management Software

Cloud & Mobile based beneficiary level management & monitoring solution to capture beneficiaries data & generate intelligent analytics


With an increasing number of beneficiaries, NGO need a more sophisticated and systematic way of tracking the impact of the work they do. With Web Essentials support, NGO will be able to move from beneficiary tracking in multiple Excel sheets to a strategic beneficiary management system that standardizes data, records KPIs and generates reports that are vital for the continued success of the organization.

Selecting the right field data collection application or platform can save your program time and money, and it can help capture the right data at the right time to help quick decision making.

The user friendly multilingual mobile app enables data collection through the entire process of program implementation. The web interface of BLS allows easy access to program reports that are required to ensure that all targeted beneficiaries are covered and quality of services is maintained.

Business Benefits

Quick and Accuracy in Decision Making

The beneficiary management system returns search results for a variety of metrics including name, location, and the relationship of beneficiary.

Digital Tool to Support Strategic Initiatives

NGO can create, manage and track KPIs for beneficiaries, service locations, regional centers and head office in single centralized platform.

Increased Efficiency using Digitalization

Moving from a spreadsheet and paper-based system to a digital dashboard allows NGO to save a large amount of time, monitor progress and track changes in profiles and minimize errors.

The Result


  • Create a dynamic beneficiary database to support multilocation beneficiaries with gender equality.
  • Allow data points to change constantly, for continual updates and growth
  • Improve and highlight opportunities to improve data information via interactive dashboard
  • Provide high performance
  • Maintain a high level of consistency in data accuracy
  • Aggregate data to consolidate information across projects
  • Reduce the current time needed to create reports
  • Single platform for identification, registration & disbursals
  • Support for multiple program types
  • Interface to existing systems
  • Real time analysis of transactions
  • Works in remote areas with little or no connectivity
  • Highly scalable and proven by large NGOs