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SaaS Based Mobile & GIS Enabled Enterprise grade Time Attendance Solution

Time & Attendance

SaaS Based Mobile & GIS Enabled Enterprise grade Time Attendance Solution software adapts to the organizations business rules and contributes to improved staff productivity.

  • Simplifies the time-consuming routine of processing attendance data
  • Moulds to the organizations hierarchical reporting structure
  • Integrated with payroll package to ensure on-time payment of salaries
  • Compatible with most Smartcard & Biometric terminals

ORIOLE Pay offers you a complete Time Attendance & Payroll Solution to improve your business productivity with instant processing of employee time and efficient management of shifts, leaves & permissions, overtime, month & year closure and much more, with integrated fullfleged payroll system.

ORIOLE Pay is an enterprise grade web-based software for processing time recorded using any Biometric terminals across the organization, including remote locations over the intranet or Internet. With ORIOLE Pay’s configuration ability to fit your organization’s business rules, it helps managers take timely decisions in running their operations by simplifying time-consuming routine of processing their employees’ attendance data, against the allocated shifts and approved leaves to arrive at normal time and overtime.

ORIOLE Pay also ensures on-time payment of salaries, with integrated payroll software. It protects sensitive employee information with comprehensive security layers limiting supervisors or managers with access to only their relevant information as per the organization hierarchy.


  • Realtime DASHBAORA with bult in Analytics which supports in decision making
  • Deployment Model : Saas (Software as a Service) based / On Primise Solution
  • Mobile and GIS Enabled Solution : Employee can record time attendance using GPS enabled mobile device or Biometric device
  • Adapts to the organization’s business rules
  • Moulds to the Organization’s hierarchical reporting structure
  • Helps Employers / Managers to electronically track their employees in a transparent manner
  • Compatible to industry standard biometric devices
  • Simplifies the time-consuming routine of processing attendance data
  • Facilitates to take timely decisions in running their operations
  • Simplifies HR & Timekeeping process
  • Integrated Payroll package to ensure on-time payment of salaries
  • Protects both the employer’s and employee’s interests for a successful business

Mobile & GIS Enabled

With ORIOLE Pay’s organization can define filed employee(s) and he/she can mark attendance using SMART phone (like Android / IOS / Windows) while he/she is on field, the same empployee can mark his/her attendance on biometric device while he/she is in the office. The marked attendance can be visualised using GIS map. Management will come to know exact location from where employee marked the attendance and track the employee movement.

Shift Management

ORIOLE Pay’s Shift Management feature helps you in allocating shifts, temporary shifts and implementing shift exchange between any two employees in a much simpler way than you have ever imagined before.

Attendance Management

ORIOLE Pay’s Attendance Management feature helps you to define and configure multiple attendance rules as per organization policy like grace time, late coming or early going calculations and half day or full day leave calculation based on no of late mark(s). HR team can record attendance from remote biometric device.

Overtime Management

ORIOLE Pay’s Overtime Management feature helps you to define and configure overtime settings like minimum & maximum overtime hours, calculation factor for weekly off overtime and holiday overtime hours effortlessly.

Holiday Management

ORIOLE Pay gives you a wide range of flexibility to define Global Holidays common to all and Restricted Holidays that can be availed on approval against the quota defined. Splitting of Global and Restricted Holidays is one of the unique features offered by TimeCheck.

Leave Management

With ORIOLE Pay’s Leave Management, Employee can login to submit his leave request & any authorized personnel like your HR or Department Manager can view his leave request, eligibility details & either approve or reject his leave application.

Discrepancy Management

With ORIOLE Pay’s Discrepancy Management, you can fill and close the discrepancies by raising & approving manual entry in case an Employee missed out to mark either his IN or OUT due to any reason.

Solution Administration

With ORIOLE Pay’s Adminitration feature the organization policies can be defined quickly and run them across the organization without any delay.

Extensive Reports

ORIOLE Pay offers extensive reports for your analysis and decision making data in different formats like PDF, excel and word to improve your time & attendance operations and reduce costs.

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